Bicycle Oil and Lubricants

7 Parts of the Bicycle That Should Be Lubricated

To extend the life of the bicycle, you must keep it clean. The second most important component is the correct and timely lubrication of the bicycle. In addition, many people make mistakes that can damage bicycles.
The first most common mistake is the use of WD-40 as a bicycle lubricant. I admit, when I started taking care of my bike, I made the same mistake.
But fortunately, I chose the Finish Line grease. This lubricant is one that most experts recommend and something that does me good. It can be used for most moving parts of a bicycle. I also use a thick grease for hidden parts like bearings.

Make sure your bike is clean before reading. If you lubricate a dirty bike, the grease will simply accumulate more dirt and wear out the chain drive.

Finish Line Wet Bicycle Lubricant

The chain should be lubricated more often than other parts of the bicycle. If you cycle in the rain for a long time in winter or autumn, you should lubricate the chain immediately after returning. (Of course, after the bike has dried). If you drive every day in summer, the chain should be lubricated once or twice a month.

To lubricate the chain, it must be turned and drip a small amount of oil on the chain links. The change is then transmitted through all the mechanisms, and by turning the chain, the oil can also penetrate into all parts. Let the chain dry and wipe off excess grease. The chain should be a little wet.

You do not need to lubricate the other components as often as the chain. However, if they are dry or squeaky, you need to add some fat.

Hand Brake Lubrication

In the case of hand brakes, great care must be taken that no amount of oil gets on the rim or the brake pads, as this affects the braking performance. Grease the parts marked with the arrows. Apply oil that drips slightly in some places, and then press the brake lever.

Bicycle Lever Lubrication

Bicycle Levers Lubrication

Brake levers should be lubricated as shown above. Use a small amount of oil and then apply the brake lever. Move the brake lever so that the engine oil can penetrate deeper.

Bicycle Cable Lubrication

Bicycle Cable Lubrication

If possible, remove the cables and oil them with your fingers.

Bicycle Switch Rear Lubrication

BBicycle Switch Rear Lubrication​

Use a small amount of oil on the back of the switch for the point shown. Then move the switch with your hands around its axis so that it works in the oil.

Bicycle Auxiliary Sprocket Grease

Bicycle Auxiliary Sprocket Grease ​

The asterisk removes a lot of oil from the chain, so you should add a bit more oil. Be sure to turn the chain after using oil to lubricate everything around.

Bicycle Front Flywheel Grease

Lubricate the front sprocket at the attachment points and the restrictive screws.

Remove Excess

Bicycles do not need a lot of lubrication. The excess will simply collect dust and cause problems. This is one of the common mistakes of newbies who think more is better. Remove excess oil with a cloth.

Buy a good lubricant, do a quick bike cleaning and lubricate all parts. As a result, it can last much longer and run smoothly.

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