The Best Bike Pumps 2019 – Bike Pump Buying Guide

You probably did not think much about a bike pump. It’s not an exciting tool, but I assure you that you will often use it if you go out on a regular bike ride.
My goal with this article is to advise you which model is best in terms of its use and circumstances.

Every time you go cycling, it’s a good idea to pump up the wheels to get the right pressure. There are different types of bicycle pumps.

Every pump has a purpose and you really need at least 2 types. You should not leave the house without a portable pump if you get a flat tire on the way.

A good foot pump is something that every cyclist has to have.

Bike Pump Tire

A good bicycle pump is one of the most commonly used bicycle accessories. The best bicycle pumps we have analyzed have a dual purpose, d. H. You can also use them to inflate basketballs, soccer balls and so on.

A good floor pump should only be bought once. It pays to invest a little time and money to find a good pump that will allow you to inflate your tires faster and with less effort.

All modern bicycle pumps support the valves, Schraeder and Presta. The big question is how well they connect and seal the valve, how easy it is to switch between the two valve types and how easy it is to block it in the valve stem.

There are quite big differences between the different models. The best ones do not have to be switched between the connections and  can be used for both valves.

The locking mechanism is a big difference between quality pumps as they are easier to block and do not lose air when unlocking the pump.

Bicycle Pump Manometer

The last thing you do not need is a small indicator that you can not read without a meter. The best counters have a decent size, are easy to read and have a good color scheme. Indicators are as accurate as possible these days

The position of the indicator plays an important role. The higher position on the stem makes reading easier, but can easily be damaged in the event of a fall.

In addition, if you have the ad below, you will usually get a broader and more stable base.

Bike Pump Inflation Speed

The size is important! The bigger the better. The longer and wider the stem, the more air is pushed into the tire at each stroke. It’s just a matter of physics.

Another feature of a quality pump is a pump that does not allow half of the air to escape from a tire when connected.

With smaller portable pumps, it takes longer for the wheel to inflate. Make sure you find one that works with a double action. This means that you press air into the tire in both cycles.

The last type of pump is not really a “pump”, but it does have a pressurized CO2 container with enough air to pump up anything other than thick tires.

Bicycle Pump Stability

For stability, bigger is generally better. A wider and larger base makes it easier to pump the tires. Here metal will be your friend.

A cheap plastic base is not a good base. Having a base wide enough to put your feet on is very important for stability. This becomes even more important when the tire pressure is higher because you have to work harder. Here is a broader and more stable base really useful.

Of course, this is irrelevant if a hand pump or a CO2 pump is used.

Bike Pump Durability and Comfort

In addition to the speed of pumping, durability is very important. While a bicycle pump does not cost a lot, you do not want to spend money every year to buy a new one because the cheap pump you bought last year is rusty or just broken.

This comfort factor is somewhat subjective and depends on everyone, but a pump with ergonomic handles that are comfortable can make a big difference. It is important to try several models to understand the difference between a good and a cheap grip.

Bicycle Pump Additional Characteristics

If you have a good pump, you will probably find many other uses for it. All the pumps that I have reviewed in this article can accept a conical accessory for inflating rafts, mattresses and other toys.

I hope this guide is helpful in finding the best bicycle pump that meets your needs. If you want to recommend a pump that I have not talked about here, feel free to leave a comment.

The Best Bike Foot Pumps

Topeak has been known in the bicycle industry for decades for the production of high-quality bicycle equipment. The Sport III foot pump is a high-performance pump. Once you discover it, you can see that this is a quality product.

The forged steel tube is solid and the steel base (not cheap plastic) is stable and safe, even when pumped hard. Topeak gives the pump pressure of up to 160 psi and I think you could get there if you really need that much pressure.

The handle is very big and comfortable. Once you start pumping, it becomes clear that it is well-designed. The head fits the shanks of the Schrader and Presta valves.

It has one side for the Schrader valve and the other for Presta / Dunlop and the lid secures the head to the valve by simply turning the lever. The highly visible indicator is very legible with its pale yellow and black dial.

The hose is well-designed and rotates on the cylinder to reduce the tension you apply to it. This ensures that it does not dissolve and last a long time.

Another nice feature of the design is the fact that it is not only supplied with a needle for inflating balloons but also with an accessory for inflating rubber dinghies, mats, etc. So it can be multipurpose.

My favorite feature is the bracket at the bottom of the cylinder to prevent additional needles from being lost.

It is a quality pump that works simply and for this price, it is the best floor pump for bicycles.

The Vibrelli floor pump is a cheap pump that meets all your inflation needs. This quality pump has a steel cylinder that lasts forever unless you leave it outside in the rain.

It has a wide base with plenty of room for the feet, so it remains stable when pumping. Vibrelli claims up to 160 psi, I can not promise it will go as it never exceeds 120 psi, but I think so.

The meter is very easy to read and is located at the bottom of the cylinder. You do not have to squint to read the pressure. It is also pretty accurate.

Of course, it works with Schrader and Presta valve stems, but it also works with Dunlop stems. Although I’m not familiar with Dunlop, I think it’s common in Europe.

The pump head has a Schrader valve adapter on one side and Presta / Dunlop on the other side. All you have to do is place the right side of the valve and turn on the switch to lock it to the valve. It locks securely without air loss.

The Vibrelli floor pump has a long cylinder that allows you to inflate your bike very quickly, and it should be possible to pump up almost any bike in less than a minute.

The Vibrelli pump comes with a small repair kit that contains stains without adhesive. I have not tried them yet, so I can not say how well they work.

The handle is large, ergonomic and comfortable and although it does not seem to be a big problem, there is a difference in high pressure when pumping a road tire.

The Vibrelli comes with a 15-year warranty. I think it’s the best road bike floor pump.

The Best Mini Bike Pumps

The Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump is a solid and large portable bike pump that fits virtually in your palm. We know that you can not keep up with a floor pump, but do not worry, you can inflate your tires in less than expected. It applies to all bicycle types equipped with Presta or Schrader valves.

They guarantee up to 100 psi, so you can easily apply enough pressure to your tires. The design is compact and only 7.3 inches (18.54 centimeters) long. 

I like the design of this pump because of its compactness and the ease of swelling in emergencies.

It is a further development of the mini-wheel-up pump, which contains a barometer above. It works with pressure shafts for Lent and Schrader valves. The INBIKE Mini Bike Pump has a capacity of up to 120 psi, more than enough to inflate your tires in the event of a breakdown.

It has a size that fits virtually in the palm of your hand, 19.7 cm and I liked most that it is supplied with a hose to adjust the pump in any position.

The Vibrelli pump is a quality option for a portable bicycle pump. It comes with a bike mounting kit and is equally suitable for a road or mountain bike. With a capacity of 120 psi, it can deliver enough pressure for any road bike.

Like all bicycle pumps that I’ve talked about, it works with Presta and Schrader valve stems. The design is quite good as it adapts to both valve types without the need to change or rotate anything on the connector. It only accepts both types without leaks.

The portable bicycle pump is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that does not rust or corrodes. This pump circulates around cheaper bicycle pumps made of plastic.

The retractable telescopic construction allows plenty of air to inflate, so you can inflate the bicycle tire quite quickly.

In addition, you will not only get a pump, but also a repair kit that contains patches without glue. If at some point you’ve been wrong about patch kits, you know how painful they can be. You just have to apply a self-adhesive patch and inflate it again!

Finally, a pretty impressive bicycle pump, which is also equipped with a needle for inflating footballs.

In terms of value for money, I think that this is the best bicycle frame pump, which I highly recommend.

Best CO2 Inflator Bike Pumps

The CO2 Pro Bike Tool Inflator differs significantly from the other pumps analyzed here. Obviously, the big difference is that it’s not really a “pump” but uses a CO2 cartridge to inflate your bike tire.

This has several advantages. One of the most important is the size because it is small and fits easily in your carrying bag, bag or in the hydration pack under the seat.

Another good feature is that it does not pump. Just insert the CO2 cartridge, screw it into the valve stem and inflate it.

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