The Best Cycling Sunglasses 2019 – Buying Guide

Cycling Sunglasses are a must for all cyclists, whether mountain or road bikes.

A bicycle sunglasses has the important function of protecting a cyclist from the sun’s rays, UV rays, wind, low branches and everything else that should not get in the eye.

Because of the variety of models available, knowing which sunglasses to buy can be a daunting task. There is a wide choice of models from very cheap to expensive with different designs and colors.

Are the most expensive models better? Will a cheaper couple do the same job? Being an important accessory, I would like to help you make the right decision and eliminate as many doubts as possible, so you will not lose time if you choose the most appropriate one. This article informs you about what you are looking for and offers you a selection of cycling sunglasses that protect your eyes while you enjoy your bike rides

Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses Adjustment

It may sound obvious, but even the most expensive high-tech cycling sunglasses will be unusable if they do not fit. If they are too big or too wide, they will fall off your face.

Too small glasses do not provide sufficient eye coverage, expose sensitive areas and cause future problems. If they sit too close or come into contact with your face, they collect steam in the winter and collect sweat in the summer.

As a rule, 4-5 mm should be between the lenses and the face and between the temples and temples.

Although I always try to give the best possible advice, the attitude of sunglasses is very personal. Therefore, carefully read through the various options available on the market and research them to find the best option for your face type.

The rubber details on the arms and on the gag keep the sunglasses in the face. Without this detail, they can slip more easily, especially if you start to sweat.

Bike Sunglass Lenses

The lenses should be large enough and cover both sides of the face to protect the wind and small particles as much as possible. This lens type also gives you the best field of view. Make sure that the nose plates or the frame do not hinder your vision.

In winter, I recommend you to choose a clear lens. In summer, a tinted but lightweight lens is the best option. However, this depends on your place of residence and the weather conditions.

A dark lens makes it difficult to see details in shaded areas, while a colored lens emphasizes them and allows you to easily see sunlight.

Some lenses cause the edges of objects to fall out and get a clear view.

Photochromic Bicycle Lenses

Photochromic lenses can be a very interesting option as they react to light conditions. They get darker when you get sunlight and clearer when you’re in the shade. If you want this feature, you should commit to buying good glasses at a higher price. The cheaper models offer a lower quality in this respect, which is why I do not recommend them.

Would you like a racing bike sunglasses with UV protection?

Fortunately, this is generally the standard for all cycling sunglasses, and the UV protection class can be found in the details of the product or manufacturer.

The best sunglasses for cycling are equipped with interchangeable lenses. However, this does not automatically mean that they are combined with spare parts or alternatives. You may have to pay more to get a different color. However, this is cheaper than buying two or more sunglasses. Do not be fooled by manufacturers who say their lenses will not turn on. In a difficult climb in the middle of winter, you’ll find that every pair of glasses is prone to fogging.

Full or Half Frame Cycling Sunglasses

Half frame glasses generally provide a better field of view and are more robust. In general, it is easier to change the lens with field glasses.
The best full frame sunglasses will not affect your vision and is usually more resistant. They are also usually a better option for mountain bike sunglasses.

Polarized vs Non-Polarized Bicycle Sunglasses

When the lenses are polarized, they automatically filter the horizontal reflection. This is what makes the effects so rare when you look in the sunlight on a long and straight path. The polarization of the lenses prevents this glare and ensures a sharper image.

For this reason, it is much more important for road cyclists to have polarized lenses than for MTB cyclists. However, having this function is not a problem if you normally practice MTB.

If you do both types of rides, you can also get a pair of polarized glasses. Do not hesitate, the small price increase pays off.

Another advantage of polarized lenses is that they automatically block UVA and UVB UV light. Of course, even unpolarized lenses can block them. In fact, today it is difficult to find sunglasses that do not block at least UVA and UVB rays.

The only disadvantage of polarized lenses is that it is more difficult to read LCD screens from cell phones or GPS devices. However, this is not a big problem in terms of the benefits of polarized lenses.

Bike Sunglasses Durability

If you have a cycling accident, you do not want your cycling sunglasses breaking for two good reasons.

The first is that you probably spent a lot of money on them. The second and most important reason is that in the event of a break there is a risk that the sharp parts will drill into the face or eyes. For this reason, high-quality sunglasses will have an unbreakable lens that will not shatter into many pieces in an accident.

Sunglasses tend to break. A pair that is slightly flexible stays longer in the hands of a clumsy person.


Customization is the key, so this should be your absolute priority. I advise you to first determine what style you want and what kind of lens you need. Then you can choose from a variety of models those that match the criteria you have selected.

The Best Cycling Sunglasses

If you’re one of those who have trouble finding glasses that fit perfectly and are not too big, you may be interested in the next model. The Podium XC is made by Tifosi for cyclists with smaller-sized faces. The half-frame is slightly flexible and provides sufficient coverage. For these sunglasses, there are a variety of glasses, including photochromic and transparent.

The lenses have no ventilation, so they become cloudy when they are too close to the face. The bridge of the nose is adjustable and allows a good fixation. Rubberized temples hold the sunglasses in place. In addition, they have a great price and in my opinion are the best bicycle sunglasses at a great price.

Another great option for road cyclists looking for a good fit and protection. The Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro S is available in three sizes and can be customized, so it’s almost guaranteed to find a matching pair.

Your eyes are protected very well by large interchangeable lenses. There are up to 20 different lenses available in a variety of colors and tones, so you will not be bored choosing a model. Changing lenses requires some practice, but it’s not a problem once you master it.

If you are looking for good glasses at a lower price, I will introduce you to the Bolle Diamondback sunglasses. Perfect for the smallest budgets, yet trying to avoid quality loss.

They provide a good fit thanks to the rubber coating that keeps them in place. And they have large anti-fog and anti-scratch glasses that provide more than adequate visibility and comfort. These MTB goggles even look good enough to keep them out of the way when you’re not sitting on your bike.

The main disadvantage of Diamondback is that the frame tends to accumulate sweat. However, this is not a problem for all cyclists. It depends on the shape of your face. The frame is very sturdy and ideal for mountain biking. So try it out if you want to make a minimum investment in glasses.

Also a fantastic option in terms of price and performance. POC Crave has an unbeatable field of vision and numerous high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses.

A hydrophobic coating on the lens prevents fogging and rain. The flexible frame extends almost completely around the outside of the lens but does not affect the view. The temples are thin and have a rubber that prevents slipping off the bridge of the nose.

Hydrophilic rubber on the nose is not adjustable, so it may not adapt to 100%, but is soft and comfortable. I would say that the POC Crave is undoubtedly one of the best MTB eyewear. If you are looking for Polarized POC Sunglasses, check out POC Will.

Not everyone has heard of the Rockbros sunglasses. However, they are not loved by everyone because of their style and the number of lenses that contain up to 5 lenses in a single goggle. If you are one of those who like their shape, Rockbros cycling sunglasses is a fantastic model.

The 5 lenses are scratch-resistant, prevent fogging and offer a large field of vision and protection. The lenses can be replaced and there are a variety of options. It’s also a quick and easy job.

The nose clip (rubber) can be adapted to the nose and the temples are provided with a rubber layer to prevent slipping into the nose. The frame is made of “TAC” and is slightly flexible.

They are cheap but you pay a fair price for excellent sunglasses.  Do not be fooled, because the technical characteristics meet other models from other brands.

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