Bicycle Airbag – The New Helmet? – Hovding

In Europe, cyclists have been around for quite some time with the Hovding airbag instead of a helmet. The success of its manufacturer enabled him to develop plans to conquer other markets and bring out the next model of the device with the ability to connect to a smartphone.

The Pillow

The pillow is a special collar that is placed over the neck and protects the head when falling or hitting. Inflates such a pillow in just 0.1 seconds!

The principle of Hovding work is: The sensors determine the correct movement and posture of the cyclist while driving. However, as soon as a person moves outside the framework of this model, the system responds immediately.

Hovding Air Bag

Since 2005 involved in the development of the mechanism. If an unexpected situation occurs, the pillow inflates strongly, fixes the neck and protects the cyclist’s head. In this way, neck fractures and head injuries can be avoided. It turns out like a thick white hood.

It is not necessary to constantly remove a collar and put on because it has an on and off button. The pillow sensors in the on mode record the algorithm of the cyclist’s movement 200 times a second.

The device must not be used for skating, skiing or moped driving, as the cushion is designed specifically for the movement of a person on a bicycle. It is also not suitable for children under 15 years.

Reusable Pillow – when triggered, it can be returned to its original state (with the help of specialists). Hovding needs to be charged via USB. It takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery, and charging lasts 10 hours while driving.

How safe is the Hovding Airbag Helmet?

In case of a fall at a speed of 25 kilometers with the Hövding airbag, the probability of getting a head injury is 2 percent. With a conventional helmet at the same speed, a cyclist will be injured 90 percent of the time.

What could be more important than their own safety and health? Hövding is already sold in 16 European countries and in Japan. The company plans to enter the American and Australian markets. Since 2012, Hövding has sold 100,000 of its airbags. Of these, 48,000 have been sold in the past 12 months. The company explains the success of a successful commercial.

Additional Information (Downsides, Price, Size)

Unfortunately, the product has its downsides. The first is the price. Hövding costs $ 300. The second is random triggering. The airbag must be switched off when getting off the bike and must not be switched on without being on the bike. Otherwise, it may work unnecessarily. It has happened that the device mistakenly recognized the incident for no reason.

There are three sizes: S, M, and L (for different neck circumferences). You can buy a pillow on the website of the manufacturer of the city of Malmo. By the way, you can also order covers for about $ 50 to change the design of the collar.

Fortunately, in the fall of 2019, a new version called VEGA is expected. It should become more accessible. The manufacturer wants to improve performance, battery life, and design. It is also expected that Bluetooth connects to the smartphone. This updates the firmware for the airbag.

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