Bicycle Wings – an Important Accessory

Believe it or not, choosing such a simple accessory as bicycle wings are one of the most important topics.

On the one hand, bicycle fetishists claim that the shields affect the look and aerodynamics of the bike, on the other hand, the usual drivers can not imagine driving in certain climates without this useful addition.

I have to admit that I agree with the first category. As far as aerodynamics are concerned, the argument always seemed far-fetched, but the deterioration in appearance was obvious.

But as a spoiled person, I recommend my readers, who are just at the beginning of the cycling career, not to believe the dogmas. The most important thing is the practicability and expediency.

Bicycling in certain climates without wings is always a lottery. How many times have I come back wet and dirty just because the rain soaked the ground in the forest

Bike Wing

1. Overweight. Today’s bicycle wings are in an acceptable weight category. The material metal is long gone.

2. Deterioration of aerodynamics. In my opinion, this item can only be used in the race with a separate start, where every second is important. In normal cyclists, the influence of the wings on the aerodynamics at normal speeds is negligible. For those who really feel the negative effect, I can only advise you to exercise more and eat better.

3. The appearance deteriorates. I can not argue here – because the wings on a bike worsen the look and you can not do anything about it. I only speak of sportbikes, on city bikes and touring boards they look very harmonious.

4. Wings do not protect against rain. Sounds reasonable, but only in the rain. Most of the time we have small rains that are not a problem. It’s another thing when the flow of water beats out of your back. Driving with a wet diaper is a pretty nasty affair and many saddles are painful. I’m not talking about potential health problems.

Wings for Citybikes and Touring

I recommend anyone who drives city bikes, touring bicycles and other functional bikes to put wings in full size and to close this question. In this type of two-wheeler, there are always fasteners – these are the holes for the screws on the dropouts (near the axles), on top of the fork and on the top springs of the frame at the back.

The width of the shield should completely overlap the tire. The important mud flaps, without which the water from the front wheel wets the shoes. One should not philosophize and buy the cheapest wings, which one finds in the next bike shop.

We now turn to sportbikes. There are many easily removable solutions that can help the driver in rainy weather.

Mountain Bike Wings

Full-size wings not only look bad and unsportsmanlike, but they’re also unacceptable for mountain biking as they clog the gaps between protector and mud. If you use your bike for the intended purpose, I can, therefore, recommend a good bike wing kit that I use myself:

SKS Germany Shock Blade

SKS Germany X-Blade Fender – I recommend you to try 29 inches, even if you need a smaller size.

SKS Germany X-Board Fender – Protects against splashes from below from the front wheel.

RRP Neo Evil Eyes Mudguard Wing

Incidentally, you can do without the front wing if you use the RRP Neoguard Evil Eyes Front Mud Guard. It catches the splashes that are thrown forward from the front wheel, picked up by the oncoming airflow, and sent to the cyclist’s face.

This piece of neoprene really works, I tested it myself. Of course, it protects worse than the wing, but if you do not want to spoil the look of the bike, this thing is for you.

Wings for Road Bikes and Hybrids

Here is the appearance even more important than with mountain bikes. There is a very elegant option that almost does not spoil: the Crud RoadRacer Mk2. The system is easily removable and adaptable, such wings on a bicycle are almost unnoticeable.

Crud RoadRacer MK2 Road Fender Wing

Alternatively, you can use the classic SKS Raceblade Pro Bicycle Fender Set. The design is easy to remove, the impressions from several years of operation are positive.

Generally, think with your head and do not trust the opinion of others. If you think your bike should always have full-sized wings, you should throw away all the arguments about the look.

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