Different Types of Bicycle Locks

To protect your bicycle from thieves, you need to use bicycle locks. The cheapest of them are made of soft metal, of course, they can be easily cracked or cut. The most important thing that every cyclist needs to know: To protect your bike reliably against theft, you do not need one bicycle lock, but at least two.

One of the most widely used types. Impact resistant – can not be broken with a chisel or hammer.

The main feature of the u-shaped lock is the lack of space between it and the bike: the thief simply cannot insert scrap and break the lock.

There are many different sizes of lock. Locks of small and medium size are suitable for fixing the wheel or frame. Large allow you to fix the wheel and frame.

Cable Bicycle Lock

Very fragile unlike the previous type.

Most of these cable bicycle locks are cracked by an ordinary bolt cutter. Well suited to protect against theft of certain parts of the bike. (e.g. the seat)

Some have combination locks or a protective cover. The new models, in addition to this, also have a beautiful design.

Chain Bicycle Lock

Often chain bicycle locks are designed in such a way that it was impossible to cut or break them with a crowbar.

Therefore, they are particularly well used in adverse areas where there is a possibility of theft.

Get a strong padlock, otherwise the chain will be just useless!

Seat/Wheel Bicycle Lock

On some bikes, wheels and seats are, unfortunately, very easy to remove, so such locks are a must. They are very easy to install, although some locks have their own characteristics.

Bicycle Locks with Keys versus Bicycle Locks with Codes

U-shaped cable and chain locks are usually sold with two keys, so there will always be a spare key. 

Combination Locks are very handy because you do not have to worry about missing keys, but have to remember the four-digit code. Code mechanisms are commonly seen on cable locks.

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