How to Choose the Best Bicycle Headlamp

Bicycle Headlamps – a compulsory requirement for every cyclist: They are an indispensable tool when driving in the dark and or at night. The market offers a large selection of bicycle headlamps with completely different qualities and prices. So how do you make the right choice? First, you need to understand what to look for:


In cities with a good lighting system, the main task of the bicycle headlamps is to help the cyclists find each other and avoid accidents. If the routes imply dark rural roads, of course, stronger bicycle headlights must be purchased.

Power Adapter

If you use the bike all year round, headlights with the possibility of charging via USB are the most convenient option. If the climate requires long cycling breaks (for example in winter), it is better to choose models with normal batteries.

Battery Life

Another important thing is the battery life. Do you think the headlight should work for a short time or all night? If you are traveling for a short time, you can safely choose any available bicycle headlamp. However, if you are cycling for a long time, you should be careful to purchase a headlight with a battery that will last all the way through and will not require recharging at the worst possible times.

The Size

As you know, size matters in many things and bicycle lighting is one of them. If the bike has a small handlebar, choose compact models that are ideal to carry around in your pocket for easy attachment in case the darkness surprises you.


Last but not least! However, headlights for non-permanent use should not break quickly. If you drive in the dark all the time, believe me it’s worth buying something more expensive. The price influences the quality of the individual parts and the overall design.

Bicycle lights of a low price category

Lezyne Femto Drive LED Light-Pair

This headlamp is bright enough to drive in the city but can not be used in dimly lit areas. Nevertheless, Lezyne Femto Drive is an excellent emergency solution: it is easy to install and activate.


Bicycle lights of a low price category

NOG Blinder Mob USB Rechargeable Light

Nice little flashlight. Knog Blinder MOBs, however, are incredibly powerful: the battery can be used for quite a while. It is small, handy and can be charged via USB

LEZYNE KTV Drive Pro Headlights (Pair)

This professional set, consisting of a strong front and a visible bicycle light, is ideal for the urban jungle.

It is noteworthy that with this lamp you can change the brightness and make the light more diffuse or vice versa – just as you like.

Bicycle lights of a low price category

Portland Design Works Lars Rover 810 USB Headlight

Very high quality flashlight with a power of 10 watts. It can be charged via USB and keeps the battery running for 20 hours of cycling time!

Planet Bike Blaze 500 SLX Bike Headlight

Firstly, it is really beautiful. The street is brightly lit even on routes without lighting
Courtesy mode: It is a dimmer pulse. It has a number of different illumination options to choose from.

Includes a quick strap bracket!

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