How to Choose the Best Bike Clothes

With special bicycle clothes you can ride comfortably, whether you drive on the road, ride a bike path or go to work. Not only do you look better, you also ride longer

First of all: You do not have to squeeze into a very narrow spandex with company logos to get to the nearest grocery store.

Bicycle Clothes T-Shirt

Bicycle T-shirts are made of spandex, a material that reduces drag when driving. Its technical substance promotes sweat propagation along the fibers of the fabric, keeping the body dry.

Specific characteristics of cycling clothing:

  • Stand-up collar to protect the neck from the sun in summer.
  • Lightning to air when you get hot.
  • Wider armhole for more comfort.
  • A special form of sleeves for support in front.

Back pockets for easy access on the go.

  • Long backrest for protection while driving.
  • Reflective or bright pictures for night driving.
Additional features for winter driving:
  • Long sleeves for more warmth and protection.
  • Dense, heavy fabric and a fluffy lining for extra insulation.
  • Bike shorts.
  • Basically, they are different from normal road shorts due to: 1) additional elasticity for complete freedom of movement and 2) a denser perineum zone to reduce friction and absorb moisture.
  • If possible, try multiple models to find the one that works best for you.

Bicycle Shorts

Characteristics of cycling pants:

Inset Design: Previously, the most comfortable shape is achieved with a large number of insoles (usually 6 or 8). And basically, it continues to be that the textile production technology has developed so far that the number of deposits does not necessarily mean the best for everyone.

Tight Seal: A smooth, soft suede pad (usually synthetic) minimizes friction and moisture, prevents bacteria from growing, and smoothes out bumps on the seat. This is the toughest part of cycling shorts. Among all men’s and women’s brands, a variety of shapes, thicknesses and materials are available.

Here are the basic recommendations:

Open foam gaskets with different densities offer high performance and comfort for long journeys.
Open-mesh pulp or foam cushions provide better cushioning and more fun on mountain bikes, but they breathe less during long stretches in the heat.
Closed cell seals provide good performance at a low price.

Legs: Elongated legs and leg straps prevent friction on the seat and keep the shorts in place.

Waist Style: Most road shorts feature stretchy yet non-adjustable material. The yoga cut reduces the comfort for female models less.

Conclusion: no seal for cycling shorts in the world can compensate for uncomfortable or poorly adjusted bicycle seats.

Other models of cycling shorts are:

Mountain bike shorts:  Sometimes people call them “swimming shorts”, they are loosely cut and also have a synthetic suede upholstery. At a waist are fixed by means of a button or the sewn-on hook. The same simple bags. Choose them for their characteristics and design. However, first make sure that the outer shorts sit comfortably and offer the leg full freedom of rotation and elasticity.

Bib Shorts: Popular with cyclists, yet no less comfortable for ordinary riders. She has no elastic belt that bumps her breath. If you wear a T-shirt, they look like normal shorts.

Rock shorts: Women’s clothing, made by some brands and for cyclists, with the material of the shorts closed at the top with a skirt. Women can wear rock shorts on the road, in the mountains and even in the city without any problems

Waist Style: Most road shorts feature stretchy yet non-adjustable material. The yoga cut reduces the comfort for female models less.

Conclusion: no seal for cycling shorts in the world can compensate for uncomfortable or poorly adjusted bicycle seats.

Bicycle Tights, Sports Pants and Thermal Underwear.

In cooler weather, you can use bicycle tights that completely hide the leg, or sports pants that cover the leg to the knee. In addition to shorts, most models of jerseys and underwear are available with built-in suede upholstery and should be chosen according to the same principle, paying attention to their shape and well-being. The jersey usually has a moisture pad on the front and reflective details for night or winter tours.

Some jerseys and underwear are made to layer without suede padding, so they fit easily in cycling shorts. In addition, thermal underwear is a very practical bicycle accessory that can be easily worn into shorts as pantyhose.

Bicycle Jackets

Bicycle Clothes Jacket

Two main reasons for choosing a cycling jacket: Will she stay warm? Will she keep her body dry? Some models meet both requirements. However, note the following:

How warm is this “warm”? The jacket you chose for hiking in the northern regions of the country is most likely different from the jacket you chose for trips to the southern regions. When cycling, the body gets warm from the effort, so do not overdo it. Jackets with maximum thermal protection protect you from headwinds and insulate your chest and hands.

Is it raining today? Choose waterproof jackets. They have an extended back and a sleeve that fits snugly on the wrist. Larger models can be pulled over the helmet.
Most jacket models offer insulation (which can be compensated by multi-layered wear), although are less breathable than other jackets. However, they do not keep you dry during the entire ride in the rain.

You do not know what to expect? In a mild winter, choose a waterproof, breathable model or a moisture-resistant jacket. They are very light and protect against the wind; When not in use, put it in a bag. There are models that you can always change to a vest with zipper sleeves. They are very convenient throughout the year.

Layering your Bicycle Clothes

Layers of clothing keep body temperature constant throughout the ride. Overheating is as bad as hypothermia, as your body loses energy for thermoregulation in both cases.

Three traditional layer components:

  • tight lower layer (for example, long underwear) that removes moisture.
  • insulating middle class.
  • waterproof or windproof outer layer.

Bicycle Sneakers and Socks

Bicycle Clothes Sneaker

Bicycle Sneaker

  • If you use contact pedals, choose spiked (usually SPD or look style) shoes that fit your riding style.
  • Road driving: look for lightweight, aerodynamic models with fine soles.
  • Mountain walks: you need shoes with strong soles that offer enough hold.
  • Daily commute to and from work: choose a sporty shoe style that works the same way as a bicycle shoe, while looking like casual outdoor shoes suitable for an office or café.
  • When riding in wet or rainy weather, use special pads on the toes (covering the foot from flexing to the fingertips) or on the foot (covering the entire shoe and penetrating the ankle) to provide comfort to your fingers. Both models offer wind protection and insulation, and there are many waterproof models.

​Bicycle Socks

  • Your legs can sweat up to a glass during a hard ride. In winter, this can lead to hypothermia. In summer, this can lead to large calluses. Wear materials such as polyester or nylon blends to limit evaporation. Avoid cotton socks for anything but light workouts.
  • Merino wool is the most popular alternative to synthetic for cycling tours in summer or winter. It not only repels sweat and dries faster, it also insulates moisture, which of course is good for sudden overlapping of a stream or unexpected rain.

Bicycle Accessories Clothes

Caps: Caps help repel fluids and cool the head during summer trips. They insulate you during a winter trip, while a headband or a thin light cap is an obstacle to sweating.

Gloves: In summer, gloves with short fingers are the most popular choice. Most have a palm with natural or synthetic leather and a liquid-absorbent fabric on the back for sweat. For cold weather walks, a pair of breathable cycling gloves with fully closed fingers is a must, coupled with offer wind protection. Use a thin lining in the glove for maximum thermal insulation.

Heaters for legs and arms: They give off a little more heat and take up little space in a small bag. All models are mostly made of fleece or wool and fit snugly on arms or legs in unprotected parts of the body. The insulation should slide underneath your jacket or shorts and sit comfortably to prevent it from falling while riding. As the temperature rises, you can remove them without loosening buttons or zippers or changing your bicycle clothes.

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