How to Tighten the Bicycle Chain

An important element for a bicycle is the chain whose life depends on timely care. At work, it should not crack and creak. It is normal for it to gradually wear out during operation, thereby lengthening the length of the bicycle chain.

When installing a new bike chain, it is also important to adjust the tension. More importantly – after the first three rounds to make it firmer. The new bicycle chain can stretch very quickly during the first rounds.


How to start

Bike Chain

To begin with, it is reasonable to simply understand whether it is necessary to engage in tensioning the chain on a bicycle or to change it since this step is important for adequate work. To determine the need for this work there are several signs. If it began to rattle and jump off a little while moving or it continually jumps, then this is the first sign that it requires new tension or needs to be shortened. Bicycle chains do not stretch completely, they should sag slightly. If you notice visually that the length of the chain is increasing, it means that it has to be stretched or changed. If on a high-speed bike it became difficult to adjust the gearshift settings. And when you clearly understand that it is time to clean the bike chain.

Tighten the bicycle chain by removing links

On regular road bikes, the chain is not so difficult to pull up. To do this, remove the rear wheel and pull back in the fork. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to drag it. Weakly stretched and strongly stretched – equally create problems when moving, so it is important to stop it in time so that the chain has an average tension.

If it has stretched to such an extent that it is no longer possible to handle a simple whipping wheel, but you do not consider it necessary to change it, as it noticeably slips, then it makes sense to remove it and knock out one or more links and shorten it in this way. This is not a difficult action. In this case, your task is to ensure that the length of the bicycle chain becomes the same as it was originally. In this procedure, the most important thing is to re-fasten the links with such a reliable lock so that it will hold firmly because even stretched is better suddenly torn when moving. If you are not sure that you can reattach the chain, then it is better not to take such a step.

How to tighten the chain on a bicycle with speeds?

For a high-speed bicycle, if the first two methods did not give the desired result, then you can try two other methods.

The first method works only for already-trained high-speed bicycles with a weakened spring, that is, with the old gearshift. On the new, you simply can not do it manually. The first step – remove the links from the gears. Next, knock down the stopper on the switch and rotate the switch in the direction of greater spring tension.

The second way of stretching the chain on a bicycle with speeds is quite simple, but it does not work every time. Sometimes it is enough just to tighten the switch cable.

Replace the old chain with a new one

Sometimes you have to resort to a complete replacement. To do this, you will need to remove the old one and install a new one.

  • To remove the old bicycle chain will need to use a special tool – squeeze. Having set the squeeze of the chain against any roller, they begin to tighten the screw so as to squeeze out the pin. Then the tool is weakened and removed. Also, the device is removed using a squeeze to clean it regularly.

For replacement, you will need a chain with the same number of links as the old one, but shorter. For tensioning, carefully place it on the gears and the switch in the same position as in the previous position of the links. Wearing carefully the rollers on the gears, leave at the bottom of the two teeth open. This step will make it possible to make sure that the installation of the new one is correct. To install in place of the new pin, use the squeeze again. Both ends of the bike chain are placed in the tool cavity with the formation of a hole for pin output. Place your finger against the hole and gently, slowly pull.

The Pin

Bicycle Chain

The last step is to install in place of the pin. Ensure that the pin enters smoothly and easily. If resistance is felt, it means that both ends are set incorrectly and this needs to be changed. When properly installed, the pin should fit tightly inside the roller, but to put it will not be very difficult.

Quite often, in order to quickly change or remove and clean the chain, cyclists use the lock. On the one hand, this is convenient as it allows you to quickly remove the chain with the help of a lock, on the other hand, it is better to leave it intact at least until the beginning of regular braces, when you can see how much more convenient it will be to use replacement with a lock. Many cyclists have prejudices about the castle as if allegedly the chain breaks more often. There is no reliable data, but the new chain for the majority without a lock looks more reliable.

Do not forget that for a safe ride you need to carefully monitor the work of the bike and timely eliminate all technical problems and change worn parts.

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