The Best Bicycle Helmets

The main task of the bicycle helmet is to protect the head from damage. When choosing a helmet made of polystyrene polycarbonate head protection is provided. However, there are new requirements when it comes to more serious incidents.

The latest helmet models are equipped with a system for protection against multidirectional shocks. It provides greater safety for rotational loads that occur during a fall. But right now, protection alone is not enough. In addition, the helmet must have a good aerodynamics, which is characterized by shape, size and appearance.

Scott ARX Plus Bicycle Helmet
  • Using the Multi-Shock Protection System (MIPS) improves protection without significantly increasing mass.
  • Adjustments are enough to put the helmet far over the head.
  • Good air intakes and pads, located in the front part of the helmet, do their job perfectly.

It is known that the use of MIPS increases the weight. But the company ARX has achieved incredible results – weight gain of only 20 g! The helmet, even the largest size therefore weighs about 282 g. But to be honest, weight is not the main aspect when it comes to safety.

The ARX Plus looks impressive from the front – huge air ducts and good air intakes prevent the accumulation of sweat. The height adjustment is limited to three positions, but as has been found in practice, this is quite sufficient. A small thumb wheel allows fine tuning for maximum comfort.

Despite the 22 air intakes, it gets very hot when driving under the scorching sun in the back of the helmet, and the sweat flows in streams directly along the neck, regardless of all the upholstery. However, this is the only disadvantage against the background of the excellent features of this model.

Catlike vacuum

  • comfortable fit thanks to well thought-out inner shell;
  • molded air intakes provide excellent ventilation at low speeds;
  • Suitable for mountain bikers, as equipped with removable visor.

The initial concerns about the single thin buckle were wrong. It gives the helmet a little “float” on the head, which allows it to find a natural comfortable position.

This helmet consists of two ellipses, which are connected on the back by a spring whose width can be set independently. Therefore, it is suitable for heads with tail hair as well as for extremely thin heads – which is very cool! But for the natural comfort you have to pay more. In addition, this model is light enough – in size M only 294 g. The
The minimalist design of the helmet lets the air circulate as far as possible from the back of the head. You will feel this benefit immediately before pedaling!

POC Octal Aero Cycling Helmet Hydrogen

  • closed design for extra protection of the most vulnerable places
  • one vent on hot days is not enough
  • many adjustments

Weight 268 g – Octal Aero is not a heavyweight, but there is no doubt that this is a Grand Slam. The thickened layer of the shock-absorbing filler around the temples and the back of the head – the most vulnerable areas – gave it a massive appearance.

To improve aerodynamics, there was no ventilation, limited to just one central air intake supported by internal air ducts. In normal weather conditions, you’ll feel comfortable in this helmet, your head will lift well, but we would hardly have chosen this helmet for summer races.

There are only minimal settings in the helmet: five height adjustment positions, a wide occipital plate with dial and easily adjustable straps.


Best bicycle helmets
  • comfortable, stylish, light and inexpensive;
  • the chin flap is a bit rough and tough;
  • Great, inexpensive helmet.

Lazer Tonic is an excellent, low-cost bicycle helmet, which is not inferior in appearance and quality more expensive models. In size M it weighs 230 grams, that is, the same as helmets from other manufacturers, but costs half as much (eg Specialized S-Works Prevail or Bontrager Velocis).

Note the ventilation system of this helmet. When airing the head, the air flows through the inner channels. This may result in a slight reduction in the weight of the helmet. The air movement inside the helmet is good enough for the price – not as ventilated as Prevail, but much better than others in this price range. 29 inlets not only let air through, but also allow the attachment of sunglasses.

Kask Protone

Kask Protone Bicycle Helmet
  • exquisite curves and wind tunnel tests;
  • The Otto Fit adjustment system offers a variety of adjustment options, so that the highest level of comfort can be achieved in a simple manner.
  • Excellent ventilation is ensured by eight inlets and six outlets.

After some Team Sky riders showed up with Kask Protone helmets, the cycling helmet made an impression. There was a commotion around them and they became very popular! Kask Protone has a rounded, glossy shape with no irregularities and bumps – just exquisite bends that stretch between the air intakes.

Its small size is more compact than some other models – the result of calculating the properties of streaming processes (CFD) and tests in the aerotunnel. Proton was developed to achieve the best possible aerodynamics in every position.

Eight inlets and six outlets provide excellent ventilation, and the Otto Fit adjustment system offers a variety of settings for maximum comfort. This M size M only weighs 251 g and fits perfectly on the head even with a large sports hat.

MET Rivale Helmet

MET Rivale Bicycle Helmet
  • impressive ventilation system;
  • very comfortable helmet with minimal interior filling;
  • The vertical adjustment allows you to set the desired fit.

The helmet weighs only 257 g with an L size. The manufacturer claims that this model helps to reduce air resistance while driving, which can take a few precious seconds. This is definitely an advantage over other helmets! It also meets all quality standards.

The shape of this helmet is rounder than its competitors. A minimum of comfortably placed interior filling makes this model comfortable and a small adjustment wheel allows a good fixation of the helmet on the head. I especially liked the 4-centimeter height adjustment.

Despite the closed design and the wide interior channels, the rival has an impressive ventilation system. A large manhole above the helmet provides better ventilation and directs the head in the direction of the airflow.

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