The Skoda Klement Electric Bicycle – Geneva Motor Show 2019

The new Czech electric bike Skoda Klement was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. (This is the most important salon in Europe to present a public motor show). And it takes place every year between March and April. This year it started on March 7th and ends on March 17th.

The company Laurin & Klement was founded in 1895 in the Czech Boleslav. He was engaged in the production of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Later it was called Skoda, so the company returns to its place of origin in the manufacture of the new electric bike Skoda Klement.

After 124 years, the company uses the Geneva Motor Show to introduce the Skoda Klement bicycle.
So Skoda unveiled its vision of urban micro-mobility (transport for short distances).

For example, most people are looking for new ways to get around quickly without having to resort to a traditional means of transport such as the car. For this reason, it was common in large cities to use electric skates. That’s why Skoda is working to give the world what it needs to move fast with the Skoda Klement.

Where Did the Skoda Klement Get Its Name From?

The company that designed this Skoda Klement bike received this name in honor of the company’s founding father. Václav Klement and Václav Laurin de Slavia. For this reason, at the beginning of the development, the correct name of the company was formed by the last name Laurin & Klement and then replaced by Skoda.

The beginnings of Skoda began with cycling, with a bicycle workshop and later as a master builder. And years later, they gave way to the development of motorcycles and vehicles. Therefore, the company has returned to its place of origin with the new Skoda Klement bicycle.

Why was the Skoda Klement introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2019?

The Geneva Motor Show presents new cars every year, so this annual event takes place. The main reason for announcing the Skoda Klement bicycle at an auto party is that Skoda is considered an electric vehicle. He can achieve that and take the person to places where ordinary cars do not arrive.

As already mentioned, the pedals serve as a car for acceleration and braking.
Driving does not require physical exertion and technologies similar to those of a car have been installed. For example, charging the batteries for the smartphone or headlights and LED lights for better visibility of the cyclist.

Features of the Skoda Klement Electric Bicycle

Skoda Klement Bicycle
Matti Blume [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Like every bike, the Skoda Klement is characterized by its technical data and special features and is full of technology. So what makes it so special in terms of connectivity in general?

The following list shows how it is constructed and what the purpose of this bike is:

  • The Skoda Klement was designed for everyday use when traveling such as going to work and returning home.
  • It is aimed primarily at the youth population.
  • It has an aluminum frame.
  • The pedals are fixed, ie the cyclist places his feet on the pedals and these are used for acceleration and braking.
  • It has no levers, cables or chains.
  • By shifting the weight to the pedal, the bike accelerates and slows down when reversing.
  • It has implemented the ABS system (it is the anti-lock braking system that prevents the wheels from locking and spinning when braking, maintaining stability and driving direction).
  • It has a holder for wireless chargers for mobile devices. With the smartphone, you can maintain a high level of connectivity.
  • It also includes a headlight, brake light and turn signals in the pedals.
  • With the Skoda Klement bicycle, you can take advantage of a variety of features, including emergency calls and programming a restricted access area.
  • The Skoda bike was built with a 4 KW (5CV) electric motor, which is integrated into the rear hub.
  • It has a top speed of 45 km / h.
  • It stores 2 Li-ion batteries, each with 52 cells and a capacity of 1250 W (they are designed for storing electrical energy). These batteries are provided 62 km. In addition, they are removable and can be easily charged via a household connection.
  • Skoda Klement has a total weight of 25 kg.

The company has mentioned that in future versions it will be able to implement additional functions for the Skoda Klement electric bicycle. We still have to wait until this new bike is available in the market to get the product.

Skoda Klement Not Only Useful for Cyclists

After the sale, Skoda Klement will be very useful not only for cyclists but for people in general. In addition, it is considered much more than a bicycle, so it is also compared with a vehicle. It has a modern design and has never been seen on other bikes and incorporates a lot of built-in technology.

That means it opens doors for the bicycles of the future. Skoda plans to make some changes in the next release. B. Mousse or functional tires on request. These wheels are made of upholstered foam used by the running shoes. In this way, a comfortable and quiet bike ride is possible.

Skoda informs that the suspension is designed with pendulum arms and the LED lights have the option of daylight. Due to the design of the pictures, Klement also seems to be a prototype, with its integrated camouflage intended for hunting. But it is not so, but for the urban mobilization.

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