5 Mistakes You Should Not Make During Cycling

When it comes to good training, we can become the worst enemy of ours. The article contains five mistakes that should be avoided when cycling.

Bicycle rest

Professional riders train the most – they are experts in this. But the most important thing is that they are also experts in rest, and you should also become them. Training stimulates improved results, but this requires periods of rest and recuperation.

Many riders are afraid to leave the workout and rest for a while, fearing to lose their shape. Instead, they drive more and more, exhaust the body and ultimately get worse results and heavy overload.

So the next time after a serious workout, make sure you get enough rest and then get good results in the long term. Make serious training days really tough and fasting days easy.

Too high expectations of oneself and too short breaks after injuries

If you’re new to cycling, returning from an injury, or just buying a new outfit, try not to exercise as hard as possible.

Be careful: A sudden increase in exercise or cycling can result in injury that results in a temporary refusal.

The training should be moderate. Increase the load and range gradually – this gives the body the opportunity to cope with the stresses.

Lack of food and drink

Bicycle Food

Training requires a lot of power from body and mind. Therefore, to achieve the maximum result, it is necessary to eat sufficiently and correctly. It’s easy to forget eating something while traveling, but for maximum performance, you’ll need to consume about 60 grams of carbs per hour.

The same applies to the fluid intake – make sure you drink enough fluid (water or a special sports drink). Some experienced drivers remember to have a drink every 15 minutes. That may seem silly, but it works.

Compare yourself with others


They find a lot of training information and drivers often copy training ideas from professional drivers or friends. This can sometimes be useful but is often harmful if you try to repeat too complex exercises.

The training should be individual for each person. Avoid extreme hard training in the beginning and do not compare yourself to the best riders in the world. You will be good at some point, maybe even better than the others!


Perhaps the consistency ​​in training is one of the most important aspects of successful results, no matter how long you want to exercise. The sequential execution of tasks and workouts wins the attacks of extremely stressful loads.

Everyone has a busy life with responsibilities that must be met so it can be difficult to provide time for cycling. When it’s time, many drivers try to squeeze out of this journey.

This often leads to injuries and reduced effectiveness of training. It’s better to drive for half an hour every day than a full day at the weekend. Create a consistent workout plan and stick to it. Soon you will feel better and happier than any other cyclist.

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